TURNKEY HOUSE evokes the following at a glance: construction company to come and build a house from foundation to roof, arranging a bathroom, lay tiles, flooring, paint, fitted with a kitchen unit ...
It's not quite accurate. The supply of "turnkey home "has a portfolio file activities which result from land acquisition through design, engineering activity, complete the construction of a house to the preparation of the site and final inspection of the building. In advanced economies of Europe's system supply of "turnkey" works completely normally. Its benefits are clear.

Advantages of turnkey house:
use of our services will allow you to maintain current lifestyle and mode, unlimited leisure activities, which is regarded as one of the main advantages
- clear financial savings. Outsourcing of activities leading to your new home, saving your money:
- When we carry out a comprehensive set of activities
- projects, engineering, construction
- we know them efficiently and economically Coordinate time and professionally, and therefore we can offer clients cost effective solutions, and thus saves the client
 - Your time is precious. Since the take over most of the activities associated with construction, you can devote to their work or family and other activities
- Time saving is also important from another point of view. Since we are in the project from the beginning, we can professionally coordinate everything with the delivery of "turnkey" is related, and thus saving of at least 30% of the time of delivery. Of course, if the client is up to the maximum speed

Disadvantages of "turnkey houses":
- Whereas the decision to entrust us to build key is very important, consider the disadvantage of such a supply that the client has already entered the house to supply the key should be confident that the investment financially cope with the agreed time, although of course changes in the process of construction are possible .
- Another possible disadvantage might be that you should be sure
THAT THE house project is exactly what you want, because extensive and significant changes may increase the price of the house and also cause the failure of construction schedule and your download.

Approximate timeline of our work:
Your decision to build RD Point 0 Analysis, land purchase +30 Days Architectural design, visualization +30 Days Project planning decision +30 Days Engineering - final land use decision +60 Days Project for building permission +15 Days Engineering - final planning permission +60 Days Implementation Project + bill statement + 30 days Construction: Shell construction - 150 days PSV work - 150 days Finishing work - 60 days Inspection of the house 60 days Total supply of "turnkey" (example): 21 months (Conditions: optimum flavor - no problems in obtaining permits, construction of traditional materials (brick, concrete ,...) without efforts to accelerate the construction process, without significant interference by the investor during the construction process, under normal weather conditions during the calendar year)